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Wake up, you've been here before.

Rosita Alcantara aka Chali Rosso was born in South Burnaby, a rough subburb of currently known as Vancouver, BC. Her roots come from la Republica Dominicana and the British Isles. Thanks to her older siblings she was raised on Rap and Hip Hop, being influenced by 2Pac, Dmx, Aaliyah, and Mace. As a yout, she started her musical training with Checo director of VOC Sweet Soul Gospel Choir, where she quickly became immersed in the world of Motown, Soul, Blues and Gospel. Between the gritty and the soulful is where you’ll find this raspy MC and vocalist. She focuses her lyrics on hard truths. spiritual mysteries and maintains a hopeful outlook for the Revolution.

BbyBooda is a multi faceted artist who delves into visual arts like painting, and fashion with a clothing brand called Local Trash that produces one of a kind pieces salvaged from clothes that were headed for death. She curated a full art event showcasing Kapok, Giorgio Holiday, Offtopic and Ana Santos, watch the recap video here.

Look for her as Rosita Alcantara in new juicy super group NADUH. She also collaborates with local producers

Her goal is to wake humanity from its amnesia, showing the world how to rouse their muses to create beauty everywhere.

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