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"Live it while you can, profit what you practice. Vancity may just be the next Atlantis" -SOLD

Born and raised on Ancestral, Unceded, Traditional Coast-Salish territory (Vancouver, BC). Thelonious has found passion in vocalizing and using music as expression from a young age.

TK has always kept busy with other artistic endeavours include acting, modelling, visual art, media design, and photography. His greatest loves other than music are skateboarding, collecting records, and spending time with Mother Nature.

With musical influences ranging from jazz, latin-afro beats and funk to modern day hip-hop, rap, psych and neo-soul, as well as a deep appreciation for live instrumentation, DJing and record sampling, TK's love of music influences his every moment and interaction with the world.

Honing in on the importance of crowd-participation, teamwork and connection as key to the group's performances and ethos, TK feeds off of this energy and lends his presence to the Offtopic squad offering gentleness, flow and ease.


TK has taken more of an interest producing beats, mixing vocals and sampling live instruments through the years. You will hear his influences in the production of Off Topics beats and juicy yet mystical funky guitar rifts ringing throughout our sluggin' sonic scapes.

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