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Follow the passion, not the Money

YIAN was born in the bustling city Seoul in Korea. He came to Canada raised in the small town of Kamloops, Canada.

He found passion for the poetic lyricism of 90’s Hip Hop and the sound of soul in R&B somewhere after experimenting with Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, and Drums. To him, music is a release of expression from the complex emotions felt from sound.

YIAN runs 4 the Few, a event platform for local Vancity talent. he has curated shows for stunning talents like Una Mey and Giorgi Holiday, as well as rap nights for Polo Brian, Third Wav., Howwl and more.

Right now, you can find YIAN at the studio chefing up beats and bars, skateboarding around vancity or spending time out in beautiful mother nature.

Stay Tuned for his upcoming solo project called "Nature Boy" self produced and written by YIAN aka Kim Daddy.

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